Toit: Revolutionising Front Desk Operations with ReserveGo

In the fast-paced and highly competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, embracing technological advancements has become crucial for staying ahead of the curve. Recognising this, Toit, one of the oldest breweries in Bengaluru, embarked on a journey to streamline their front desk operations and elevate their guest experience. Sibi Venkataraju, who runs Toit with his long time school friends Arun George and Mukesh Tolani, is a technologist turned restauranteur and constantly looking at ways to improve restaurant processes using technology. Together, Toit and ReserveGo embarked on a remarkable collaboration that brought about a paradigm shift in front desk automation, significantly enhancing the restaurant’s operations and guest satisfaction.

The Challenge: Optimizing Front Desk Efficiency in a Competitive Industry

In the bustling world of the restaurant industry, Toit faced the daily challenge of managing reservations and table assignments efficiently. A lot of time was spent by their front desk staff answering phone calls just to tell the customers that there were not tables at the restaurant and that they have to walkin to the restaurant directly. Realizing the need for a modern solution, Toit made it a priority to leverage technology to revolutionize their front desk operations and elevate their customer experience.

Enter ReserveGo: The Perfect SaaS Partner for Toit’s Vision

Toit’s quest for a robust reservation and table management solution led them to ReserveGo—a cutting-edge SaaS platform renowned for its comprehensive features and seamless integration capabilities. Impressed by ReserveGo’s track record and commitment to excellence, Toit decided to forge a partnership, confident that it would bring about transformative changes to Toit’s front desk operations.

Streamlined Reservation Management: Empowering Toit’s Guest Experience

With the implementation of ReserveGo, Toit bid farewell to the arduous manual reservation process. Guests were now able to conveniently make reservations through Toit’s reservation widget which reaches the customer automatically through SMS/Whatsapp whenever the customer calls the restaurant. Thanks to ReserveGo’s user-friendly interface, customers are now able to easily book a table at Toit without the front desk wasting time on taking reservations. The platform provided real-time updates on table availability, ensuring accurate information for guests and staff alike. Automated confirmation messages and timely reminders significantly reduced no-shows, allowing Toit to optimize seating capacity and enhance overall guest satisfaction.

Efficient Table Management and Personalized Experiences: A Winning Combination

ReserveGo empowered Toit to efficiently manage their tables and deliver personalized dining experiences. The platform offered a visual representation of Toit’s seating layout, allowing the front desk staff to assign tables seamlessly, minimize wait times, and optimize the flow of dining experiences. With access to real-time updates on table availability and guest preferences, Toit’s dedicated team could provide personalized service, surpassing guest expectations and creating memorable moments.

Elevating the Toit Experience: Seamless Service and Lasting Memories

Through ReserveGo’s implementation, Toit achieved a new level of excellence in guest experiences. The streamlined reservation and table management processes reduced waiting times, ensuring a seamless dining experience. ReserveGo’s ability to capture guest preferences and special requests empowered Toit’s staff to deliver personalized service, making guests feel valued and appreciated. Furthermore, the platform’s data collection capabilities provided valuable insights for tailoring marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, strengthening Toit’s customer relationships.

Data-Driven Decisions: Unleashing Toit’s Potential with ReserveGo

ReserveGo’s powerful analytics and reporting features offered restaurant owners invaluable insights into Toit’s operations. Real-time data on reservation trends, peak hours, waiting times, drop rate allowed him to make data-driven decisions. Armed with a deeper understanding of guest preferences, Toit optimized staffing levels, refined marketing strategies, and consistently exceeded customer expectations, solidifying its position as a leading restaurant in the industry.


Through the remarkable collaboration between Toit and ReserveGo, we successfully revolutionized front desk operations, elevating Toit’s guest experience. ReserveGo’s seamless reservation management and efficient table assignments enhanced Toit’s operations, reducing waiting times and optimizing seating capacity. The platform’s ability to capture guest preferences facilitated personalized experiences, while its data-driven insights empowered the restaurant owners to make informed decisions for continued success. As Toit continues to leverage ReserveGo’s innovative solutions, it sets an inspiring example for other restaurants seeking to embrace technology and enhance their front desk operations, ultimately leading to elevated guest satisfaction and sustainable growth.

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