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The only complete CRM software your will ever need for your restaurant

Multiple accounts

No restriction on the number of users who can access the system.

Privacy & Security

No one has access to the data but you and we are hosted on highly secure AWS cloud


Scale to as many outlets you want with our best-in-class cloud infrastructure.

On the go

Access to all details on the go on your mobile or laptop.

The only plan

₹ 48,000



Effortlessly build your own customer database with our highly efficient software that collects and organizes data directly at its source. Our advanced analytics empower you to harness this valuable data and execute personalized campaigns at scale, delivering tailored and impactful messaging to your customers. By leveraging the power of our software, you can establish deep connections and drive meaningful engagement, ensuring your marketing efforts resonate with each individual customer. Unlock the potential of personalized marketing with our comprehensive solution.

Reservation Management

Discover the simplicity and intuitiveness of ReserveGo's online reservation management system. With our platform, restaurants can effortlessly manage all their online bookings in one convenient place, saving time and ensuring a seamless reservation process. Experience the ease of centralized management, streamlining your operations and enhancing the overall efficiency of your restaurant.

Queue(Waitlist) Management

Streamline your restaurant operations with our simplified waitlist and queue management solution. Even when all tables are full, our platform ensures a seamless process. Customers can easily join the waitlist, and our system instantly notifies them when a table becomes available. This efficient and real-time communication eliminates confusion and maximizes customer satisfaction. Experience the convenience of optimized table turnover and improved guest experiences with our waitlist and queue management solution.

Feedback Management

Reservego Feedback is a comprehensive platform for managing feedback, allowing you to gather valuable input from your customers and gain actionable insights. Additionally, it enables you to promptly address any negative feedback and initiate instant service recovery.

Loyalty Management

Streamline your restaurant loyalty management with our cutting-edge software, empowering you to effortlessly design, implement, and optimize customer loyalty programs that drive repeat business and foster lasting connections with your valued patrons.


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